Top Advertising Agencies In Switzerland

Top Advertising Agencies In Switzerland

2017 followed up on the successes of 2016 and brought further innovation and fresh trends into the Alpine nation. Overall the focus is on consolidation, channel management and integration of technology. Key pillars in this regard will be programmatic advertising, data, mobile, content and social media, as well as new platforms such as Snapchat. Big data is set to assist company’s to make the shift towards personalised marketing measures, increasing revenue and connecting with the consumer on a deeper level. Our digital marketing experts are proficient in retargeting advertising and its specific tools, and ensure that your brand is placed ahead of the competition. Our campaigns are designed to help users get information about your products and services when they need it.

  • In summary, SMA is an effective tool for targeting Internet users potentially interested in your products and services.
  • Social media offers great online marketing opportunities.
  • Besides, defining a goal can help your campaign achieve a specific result more effectively.
  • Demonstrate the ICC Marketing and Advertising Code’s relevance in an evolving digital landscape and on issues of growing interest to policymakers and consumers – such as diversity and climate change.

However, this presumption does not define when a particular post needs to be specifically labelled as advertising. Just as in Switzerland,digital marketing is exploding in Spain, growing 75% year on year to 2015, and reaching325 million EUR on mobile alone by 2016. Mobile marketing has grown significantly since 2015, when it onlyaccounted for 4.5%of the total Spanish spend, highlighting the rapidly changing landscape of marketing in this new digital era. Setting up a campaign depends on your business goals and the type of customer you want to reach. Besides, defining a goal can help your campaign achieve a specific result more effectively.

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Influencer marketing is considered “advertising” or commercial communication, as are native advertising, direct marketing, sponsoring, sales promotion and public relations work. Advertising aims at influencing the audiences in their attitude towards certain offers or providers. The main purpose is the conclusion of a legal transaction (or its prevention; cf. principle of the Swiss Commission on Fairness in Advertising “SLK” No. A.3 – in German). Switzerland’s future in digital marketing looks very bright.

You can monitor your marketing tools, you can see whether your marketing campaign is successful or not. You receive quick feedback, so you can see how to change the strategies that do not work. You can test how your audience likes a product or a marketing strategy before you spend plenty of money on a large, costly campaign. Mobile marketing is also set to rapidly scale in Switzerland. According to Swiss enterprises, optimisation of mobile responsive pages (66%), apps (71%) and QR Codes (60%), as well as the specific use of those channels is the main priority for 2018. Part of this will be geo-targeting in combination with other channels such as cross-device marketing, alongside tracking and attribution.

Recommend offers from their sponsors or advertising partners via social media to their “fans” or “followers” – in return for payment or other considerations. Being an influencer has become an independent career aspiration and business model (see the Swiss Influencer Awards – in German). For brand owners, influencer marketing is an additional instrument to create the desired image of their brand with the relevant target group. In our blog series on “influencer marketing”, we highlight core legal topics for influencers and advertisers.

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If you would like more information, please contact our authors Delia Fehr-Bosshard or Lea Germann. This also applies to the presence on a social media platform, in blogs or similar (e.g. the Instagram account of an influencer). In particular, an influencer must disclose the relationship to sponsors or consideration comparable to sponsoring (e.g. remuneration, benefits in kind; principle No. B.15 Para. 2 of the SLK).

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It is effective, because finding and purchasing products over the Internet is an easy and inexpensive option for customers. We are specialized in the implementation of high-reach and target-group-specific advertising campaigns for both national and international advertising clients and agencies. With our strong portfolio, consisting of traditional and newly established media titles, we offer our clients many opportunities to place their advertising messages in our relevant environments. Our SEA strategies allow you to reach every target with the right advertising message. By combining different targeting techniques in separate campaigns, we will be able to identify the most profitable targets for your business. You will even be able to identify which new targets are most likely to perform well for your product or service.

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The company should be sure the poster will reach the target customer base. Once the ad has been put up, someone from the SME should regularly check that the ad is intact and whether it has been tagged or ripped. Some days of the week are more suitable for one type of customer than another. For example, a company selling fruits and vegetables should put its ad in the edition of the newspaper which has an advertising supplement devoted to this type of product. If a restaurant wants to publicize an offer for a meal on the weekend, it should publish its ad on a Thursday or even a Friday.

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