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This Is The First Photo Of A Black Hole

This Is The First Photo Of A Black Hole

black hole

One possibility is that they’re the result of mergers between star-size black holes. In 1970, Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose confirmed that black holes must exist. Although the black holes are invisible (they cannot be seen), some of the matter that’s falling into them is very bright.

Today there is nearly universal agreement that black holes exist, although their precise nature remains to be in query. Some believe that the material that falls into black holes may reappear elsewhere in the universe, as within the case of a wormhole. The discovery of pulsars supported this principle and, shortly thereafter, physicist John Wheeler coined the term “black hole” for the phenomenon in a December 29, 1967 lecture. A black hole is commonly explained in terms of an object or mass “falling into” it.

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