Software Downloads

Software Downloads

Have an online booking page with consistent branding and allow clients to book and manage their own appointments. No matter what the size or complexity of your organisation, we’ll listen to your requirements, making sure our solutions streamline your processes and make your life easier. Our unified business software solutions, underpinned by powerful next-generation technology, connects suites of finance and HR applications integrated with industry specific solutions, uniquely delivered, transforming the way people work.

Gpg4win 2.3WindowsGpg4win is an email and file encryption package for most versions of Microsoft Windows, which uses GnuPG public-key cryptography for data encryption and digital signatures. Mindgenius 2020WindowsMindGenius is a mind mapping program offering the flexibility to draw a variety of concept maps and then export them to various applications. Autodesk WindowsThe Autodesk Campus Agreement enables usage of a mix of all Autodesk software titles. In addition, a pool of licenses is available on a first-come-first-served basis, for staff to run Autocad 2007. The license granted from this pool is a temporary license and lasts only as long as the Autocad session does.

All training uses design tools that are available to the membership via EUROPRACTICE and foundry processes available via the EUROPRACTICE MPW service. Grab the apps you need to control your player, manage your music and update your systems. Learn how thousands of businesses like yours are using Sage solutions to enhance productivity, save time, and drive revenue growth.

The best online appointment system s will often include features such as automated SMS & email reminders, 2-way client chat, and external calendar sync. Can help small businesses look more professional by allowing them to set up and customize their very own booking page. Book a call with our Sales Team and discuss what issues you require our online booking system to solve for you.

For all MLA series systems, iKON amplifiers and DX4.0 controller, please regularly check via Vu-Net that latest firmware is being utilised. Use of other operating systems is not directly supported for any Martin Audio You can use FreeAgent accounting software without an accountant, especially if your books are straightforward. Make payroll and admin a breeze with less admin and a clear view of your finances.

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