Separation Of Advertising In #influencer Marketing In Switzerland

Separation Of Advertising In #influencer Marketing In Switzerland

The company should be sure the poster will reach the target customer base. Once the ad has been put up, someone from the SME should regularly check that the ad is intact and whether it has been tagged or ripped. Some days of the week are more suitable for one type of customer than another. For example, a company selling fruits and vegetables should put its ad in the edition of the newspaper which has an advertising supplement devoted to this type of product. If a restaurant wants to publicize an offer for a meal on the weekend, it should publish its ad on a Thursday or even a Friday.

  • Our SEA experts will continuously analyse the performance of your campaigns as well as those of your keywords to adjust your CPC and ads if necessary.
  • Eminence takes care of the management of your SEA campaigns through careful keyword research that will allow you to analyze both your CTR (click-through rate), your conversion rate as well as your ROI.
  • We are a Swiss law firm, dedicated to providing legal solutions to business, tax and regulatory matters.
  • It is effective, because finding and purchasing products over the Internet is an easy and inexpensive option for customers.
  • On average, just one in five people will stop in front of a poster ad and read all of it.

Praising a self-purchased product among followers, with neither a sponsoring relationship with the provider nor any other consideration in exchange, presumably does not qualify as advertising under Swiss law. Consequently, there is no labelling obligation in this constellation. As a result, a reference by the influencer in an existing sponsoring relationship likely qualifies as advertising.

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Lars Neumann is responsible for the Services division. He is an expert with many years of experience in all areas of Google marketing, and lectures on digital marketing at the University of Zurich. Coop Pronto are strategic points of sale to reach a high-income and mobile target group with a spontaneous purchase decision. Whether site-by-site locations or geographical coverage, we offer tailor-made campaign solutions.

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If you would like more information, please contact our authors Delia Fehr-Bosshard or Lea Germann. This also applies to the presence on a social media platform, in blogs or similar (e.g. the Instagram account of an influencer). In particular, an influencer must disclose the relationship to sponsors or consideration comparable to sponsoring (e.g. remuneration, benefits in kind; principle No. B.15 Para. 2 of the SLK).

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These seven words should help the customer understand the services provided by the SME. The frequency of the ad is more important than its size. It is impossible to reach your customer base using just one ad in a newspaper. The ad should be published several times, ideally in several different media.


2017 followed up on the successes of 2016 and brought further innovation and fresh trends into the Alpine nation. Overall the focus is on consolidation, channel management and integration of technology. Key pillars in this regard will be programmatic advertising, data, mobile, content and social media, as well as new platforms such as Snapchat. Big data is set to assist company’s to make the shift towards personalised marketing measures, increasing revenue and connecting with the consumer on a deeper level. Our digital marketing experts are proficient in retargeting advertising and its specific tools, and ensure that your brand is placed ahead of the competition. Our campaigns are designed to help users get information about your products and services when they need it.

But if the company wants to publish a message in a well-known national magazine, using the services of professionals is recommended. Tobias Zehnder is Co-Founder of Webrepublic and in charge of strategy and partnerships at the company. He lectures on the topic of digital marketing at various universities. Make sure your response mechanism is appropriate – ie.

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