create a guide on how to find and buy the best tv

create a guide on how to find and buy the best tv

The TV has become apart of our lives since it was invented in 1927. Millions of homes around the world own a TV. The TV has not been left behind by the advancements in technology. Smarter and slicker TV sets are being manufactured today. Since a TV could stay with you for years, you need to get it right. This guide will enlighten you on how to find and buy the best TV.

1.  Budget 

Depending on the amount spent, the TV features will vary. Today, purchasing a 4K smart TV is easier because of the drop in prices witnessed over the years. Identify the features you want in a TV and the amount you wish to spend. Shop around for the best deals from retailers like Best Buy. 

2.  TV size

Unlike the years before when buying a bigger TV required you to buy furniture on which the tv will rest on – today TVs can be mounted on a wall that means even if you get a big tv you don’t have to worry, where to fit it. Nowadays bigger is better.

3.  TV resolution

More pixels mean better picture quality. 4K & HDR ensures pictures on TV screens have depth is accurate and natural. HD TV’s will still give you fantastic pictures at a lower cost.

4.  Connectivity

The cable you used to connect your external devices such as gaming consoles, determines the quality of images and sound coming from your TV. Cables determine the speed & bandwidth your TV receives. TVs supporting HDMI cables by connecting with HDMI ports give better pictures and clearer sound than those that use AV cables.

Those who want to stream content over the internet, using an ethernet network is better than connecting your TV through WIFI. Ethernet ensures there is no interruption of the network giving you a smooth streaming experience.

5.  Type of Screen

There are different types of TV screens available on the market. OLED and LED offer a spectacular experience while viewing. However, OLED TV’s are the best in the market because of their advanced picture tech. This makes them expensive for people on a budget. LED will give you a similar viewing experience but without the picture depth of OLED screens.

Buying a tv is a lifelong commitment. Use trusted vendors like Best Buy. Best Buy reviews of all the TV brands they offer to make it easy for you. A trusted dealer Best Buy has been helping customers make the right decision no matter the budget situation.

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