Cool Toys, Gifts & Gadgets

Cool Toys, Gifts & Gadgets

You brew a cup of tea but decide to let it cool down. You have quite literally been burnt too many times before. But then you become distracted by a non-tea related matter, and eventually return to the kitchen to find a lukewarm mug of regret. The true answer is the stainless steel Ember Smart Mug², which keeps your drink temperature controlled for up to three hours (or all-day if its placed on the charging coaster).

Opt for TEAC’s Seventies-style ‘TN-280BT-A3’ in walnut, a 2-speed belt drive turntable that features built in Bluetooth, which means no tricky wiring. Remember to keep an eye on others too, if you have an elderly neighbour it could be a good time to check in on them and ensure they’re managing in the heat too. Making the right food choices can help you keep cool. If you plan ahead then you can have an idea of when you’ll be exposed to the sun and when you won’t. A plan also cuts out the unnecessary time spent out in the heat. The most collapsible water bottle in the world, it collapses down to just an inch.

It’s also ultra compact, easy to clean and leakproof with a watertight seal. This compact powerstation also includes a standard USB-A port. There are four indicator lights enabling you to see how much the power bank has recharged. This set of two electric toothbrushes is incredible value and includes a warranty and matching toothbrush travel cases.

A sleek new line-up of Sonos speakers are now available, and the Arc smart soundbar looks the most exciting. It promises cinema-quality sound, with eight woofers and Dolby Atos – a new technology standard that really amps up the capabilities of surround sound. It’s as stylish and understated as you’d expect a Sonos soundbar to be, too. Elsewhere, the company is introducing the Sonos Sub Gen 3 and the Five (ditto, coming in the cheapest at £499). All three devices are available globally from 10 June, and you can pre-order them here. If you’ve ever wanted to improve your running form, or even just get a deeper overview of your work-outs than smartwatches can provide, then the Nurvv Run is here to help.

(It’s good for a simple steaming bowl of porridge, too). Its classic clean lines were concocted by French designer Ora-ïto, and developer Marc Simoncini hopes to make it the “iPhone” of the electric bike market. A truly tiny device that packs a few surprising extras, Polaroid’s new analog instant is a top tier party camera.

The Logitech StreamCam records HD 1080p footage at 60 frames per second, and automatically tracks your face to ensure it’s always in focus. It also boasts an auto-exposure feature that fends against unexpected light changes, and you can adjust the video dimensions for different social media sites. It looks like home offices are going to play a key part in the future of work, and that means investing in the kind of tech that just makes things easier.

It is true that with growing age you don’t have to always keep an eye on your kid. Still if you are worried about your child and want to know about his or her activity without disturbing them, you can have this video monitoring camera. This way you will be able to keep an eye on your kid at all times.

You’ll be, until you get some of these and realise what you’re missing. We could simply say these are must have gadgets, but that’s not strong enough to express how cool these gifts are. Have a scroll through our selection and you’ll see kitchen gadgets, car gadgets, fun tech and gadgets for men or gadgets for women. Whatever the way you want it, we’re sure this range will impress you. If you suffer from jet lag, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a new solution in the form of light therapy glasses. One of the most for travelers, AYO is a groundbreaking device that helps you to recover from jet lag and to get a better night’s sleep.

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