Cool Kitchen Gadgets For Men & Women

Cool Kitchen Gadgets For Men & Women

Polar’s Vantage V2 (£379) is the all-round best running watch you can buy. There’s an improved aluminium casing and strap too, giving the new iteration a better overall look. WIRED’s best robot vacuums buying guide includes devices with a wide range of prices and features, so check it out to find exactly what you’re looking for. Well, maybe that’s unfair – but they’re definitely for people who Can Be Bothered. If you are not one of those people, but also need to keep up appearances on Zoom, then we suggest you invest in a lightweight portable steamer. It’ll easily remove creases from clothes and help to get rid of odours, too.

AnySharp Pro Silver Knife & Blade Sharpener- The World’s Best Knife Sharpener The AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener is the world’s best knife sharpener and a must have kitchen accessory. Easy-to-use, this knife sharpener will totally restore your dull,… AnySharp Knife & Blade Sharpener – The World’s Best Knife Sharpener The AnySharp Knife Sharpener is the world’s best knife sharpener and a must have kitchen accessory. Easy-to-use, this knife sharpener will totally restore your dull, blunt knives to… Try out these new gadgets and make your life simpler.

The Steelseries Arctis 9 Wireless (£169) is the best gaming headset. Up there with the very best affordable projectors on the market, Philips’ Prime 2 produces vivid colours that scale up to 200 cm from less than 2 metres from the wall. The surprisingly low power consumption is eco-friendly, too, which means the machine can last up to twenty years. There’s also Wi-Fi screen sharing and an OS system loaded with streaming apps. A good option for Theragun Mini owners who A) use a home gym, or B) keep losing the thing in sock drawers and cluttered cabinets.

If you want to let your kid use the internet safely, then this gadget can come in handy. I’m Claire, a 30-something food and travel lover who can’t keep still! I’m here to help you travel the world on a budget, while still splurging on once-in-a-lifetime experiences. If you’re planning on spending time off-grid in your campervan, having your own electricity source is very useful.

It’s a simple 16cm stand that allows you to hang up your device after a recovery session, helping to neatly integrate it into your home set-up. If Salt Bae has taught us anything, beyond messy seasoning methods, it’s that covering something in gold is the key to success. After years of offering our lives up to The Cloud, it’s clear that people are interested in owning things again – specifically, a well-curated collection of LPs. But the next step is to find a record player that looks as good as it sounds.

In the minds of millennials, fitness and wellness are the yin and yang of a balanced lifestyle. Sitting down to practise your breathing can, in theory, be just as beneficial as puffing your way through a 10k. To that end, the Fitbit Sense, with its temperature, stress, blood oxygen, sleep and fitness trackers, aims to cover all the bases. The new heart rhythm sensor – an ECG app that helps to assess your ticker for atrial fibrillation – is particularly impressive, ditto the stress sensor and guided meditation features. It also takes blood oxygen levels while you sleep, and the fitness apps are as good as ever.

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