Computing Software Engineering MSc

Computing Software Engineering MSc

If you have obtained a 3 year diploma it is sometimes possible to gain ‘advance standing’ to the second year of some undergraduate programmes. We will consider holders of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education for entry to our undergraduate programmes with the grade equivalencies shown below . To ensure that you fully understand the requirements in this regard, please contact the International Office for further details if you are an EU or International student. Students opting for either the work placement or study abroad module will be registered on a non-credit bearing module. Whilst the modules do not bear credits, they do require completion of marked activities reflecting on your placement/study abroad or work placement experience.

  • Strict software licences restrict what another developer is able to do with the code.
  • Dedicated teaching staff will support you and assist your development into a computer scientist of the future.
  • If you are not studying A Level Mathematics you can consider a Foundation Year programme which can lead to entry onto one of our courses.
  • However, the price is likely to be high, and you will be tied to that supplier for future support.
  • We may accept your English language grade from the Swedish Fullständigt Slutbetyg från Gymnasieskolan/ Slutbetyg från Komvux / Avgangsbetyg if you achieved Grade C in English .

Diplomas that are not on the list will be considering on an individual basis and may require you to provide further details such as the curriculum and module transcripts to identify suitability. Students who have completed the Pre-University Certificate with a minimum overall GPA of 16/20 and students who have successfully completed the National Entrance Exam will be considered for entry onto our undergraduate programmes. Holders of the Thanawiyan are not normally eligible for direct entry onto an undergraduate course without completion of a suitable foundation programme, such as one of our own foundation pathways. The University will consider students who have achieved good grades in their High School Graduation Diploma with at least 5 university-preparatory level courses. For many of our programmes of study, students will need at least a B average, and possibly higher. The University will consider students who have taken GCE A Level examinations, the International Baccalaureate , or a suitable foundation programme, such as one of our Foundation Pathways, for entrance to undergraduate programme.

What can be protected by a patent?

Through researching your discipline, you will understand the range of career roles available and what you need to do to progress in them. It also allows the programmer to interact with proprietary software without having access to its source code. Some library programs are provided within operating systems like Windows or along with development tools like Visual Studio.

Computer software

It can help you make the most of a limited IT budget, while giving you access to the latest technology and professional support. However, there are also some potential disadvantages it is important to consider before making a final decision. Some licences require you to make any changes made to the source code publicly available, while others will allow you to keep those changes private.

Access to Higher Education

If we sat down to list all the examples of software, the list would never end, but what’s more important than that is to understand how they differ from each other. By definition, software is a computer program that provides instructions and data to execute a user’s commands. It is an indispensable part of the machine you cannot see, but it allows you to use the computer … just like how a mouse, monitor, hard drive and keyboard help you use the computer. The software seller may have an online discussion forum where customers can ask questions about, and provide answers to, problems. Emailing the software seller’s support team directly may also be an option, although they may take time to reply.

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