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5 Educational Themed Online Games for Children

5 Educational Themed Online Games for Children

Online Games

Online games – Almost every child likes to play online games. But not all games on the internet are suitable and useful for your child.

Mama also has to sort out which games are suitable for child development. The following are recommendations for online games for Mama’s children.

Snoopy Spot the Difference

Who doesn’t know Snoopy, the cute white dog? Ready to play Spot the Difference with Snoopy? Spot the differences, gather Snoopy’s friends, and decorate Snoopy’s world in Snoopy Spot the Difference.

This game teaches children about accuracy to find the difference between 2 similar pictures. In addition, Mama’s child also learns about the concept of time. When looking for differences, the child will have for example 30 seconds. If after the time limit is up and still can’t find it, then you have to try again.

Every time they find all the differences, the child will get a … Read More