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6 Major Role Internet is playing in the Education Sector

6 Major Role Internet is playing in the Education Sector

Education, according to opinions shared in is the bedrock of advancement for any and every society.

For a long while, education has been defined within a limited context that has made it difficult for many people to access it. However, with the advent of the internet, a lot has changed in the education sector.

Here are 6 major roles the internet is playing in the education sector.

1.      It has resulted in affordable education

Gone are the days when people had to pay exorbitant fees to access education. Several years ago, education was very expensive at all levels because school structures and qualified teachers were limited. With the internet, there are several online educational suppliers that offer courses on different subjects at very affordable prices.

2.      It has allowed for better and personalized teachings

Student-teacher relationship is one that has drastically improved with the internet. In a classroom, it … Read More

PTE Important Test Tips for you in 2020

PTE Important Test Tips for you in 2020

Are you doing the PTE Exam Preparation? Do you need some tips to clear your test? Don’t worry, we are here with some important tips to clear the PTE. You may take the PTE Course Dubai to clear The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) and get the gades for you. You may join any institute to take PTE Course Dubai and do the best ith your PTE Exam Preparation. Here are some of the important tips to clear the PTE test.

Do’s For the PTE Exam Preparation

  • This is very important to note that you have to answer the question accordingly. If you have been asked the questions to speak or write about the Corona Virus, you will have to answer about it and not the Bermuda triangle.
  • When writing the tasks, you must use the correct punctuations at the right place, i.e. the full stops(.), commas(,) and more.
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