Atom Definition And Examples

Atom Definition And Examples


You did the identical factor over here, eventually, you’d get some– this little, small, for lack of a better word, particle, that you would name a lead atom. And you wouldn’t have the ability to break that down anymore and nonetheless call that lead, for it to still have the properties of lead. And simply to provide you an concept– that is actually one thing that I even have trouble imagining– is that atoms are unbelievably small, actually unimaginably small. In truth, most of me is made out of carbon. In reality, most of all residing things are made out of carbon.

We humans have recognized, for 1000’s of years, simply looking at our surroundings around us, that there are totally different substances. And these completely different substances are likely to have completely different properties. And not only do they have totally different properties, one might replicate mild in a sure means, or not reflect mild, or be a certain shade, or at a certain temperature, be liquid or gasoline, or be a stable. But we additionally start to observe how they react with each other in sure circumstances. And here’s photos of some of these substances.

And all of our elements are listed here within the Periodic Table of Elements. C stands for carbon– I’m just going by way of those which might be very related to humanity, but over time, you may most likely familiarize your self with all of those. And that the majority fundamental unit, of any of these parts, is the atom. So when you have been to keep digging in, and maintain taking smaller and smaller chunks of this, finally, you’ll get to a carbon atom. Do the identical factor over right here, ultimately you would get to a gold atom.

But that offers you a way of how small an atom is. You know, pluck a hair out of your head, and simply think about putting 1,000,000 things next to each other, throughout the hair.

And you may guess, oh, you understand, Sal already informed me they’re very small. So maybe there’s 1,000 carbon atoms there, or 10,000, or a hundred,000. There are 1 million carbon atoms, or you could string 1 million carbon atoms throughout the width of the typical human hair.

My hair is black, but when I did that, you wouldn’t have the ability to see it on the screen. But if you took my hair, right here, and I had been to ask you, how many carbon atoms extensive is my hair? So, if you took a cross section of my hair, not the size, the width of my hair, and stated, how many carbon atoms wide is that?

  • And these different substances are inclined to have different properties.
  • We people have recognized, for thousands of years, simply looking at the environment around us, that there are different substances.
  • And not solely have they got totally different properties, one might replicate gentle in a certain method, or not replicate mild, or be a sure colour, or at a certain temperature, be liquid or gasoline, or be a solid.
  • But we also start to observe how they react with one another in sure circumstances.

Atoms And Molecules

And all the ones that I’ve shown footage of, right here– and I got them all from this website, right over there– all of these are of their solid form. But we additionally know that it looks like there’s sure types of air, and certain kinds of air particles.

And so if you took my hair– and so my hair is carbon, my hair is generally carbon. So if you took my hair– proper over right here, my hair is not yellow, nevertheless it contrasts properly with the black.

Or if you, sort of, should you burn this carbon, you will get it to a gaseous state. So these are issues that we have all, sort of, that humanity has noticed for hundreds of years. But it results in a natural query that used to be a philosophical query. But now we are able to reply it slightly bit higher. And if you have been to, one way or the other, break that even additional, by some means, you’ll lose the properties of the carbon.

And relying on what kind of air particles you are taking a look at, whether it is carbon or oxygen or nitrogen, that appears to have several types of properties. Or there are other things that may be liquid. Or even when you increase the temperature high sufficient on these items. You might, when you elevate the temperature excessive enough on gold or lead, you can get a liquid.

Atom Examples

And so just to get our terminology, we call these totally different substances– these pure substances which have these specific properties at sure temperatures and react in certain methods– we name them parts. And in historical past, folks have referred to water as a component. But now we know that water is made up of more fundamental parts.

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