Advertising Agency Geneva

Advertising Agency Geneva

Direct marketing helps you pinpoint a smaller segment of your audience in a way that is more personal than online marketing. If you focus on a huge group of customers, you will be less specific. It is next to impossible to please everyone, so you had better fine-tune your advertising techniques to your target audience’s unique demands. Internet marketing is one of the most successful direct marketing tools.

Influencer marketing is considered “advertising” or commercial communication, as are native advertising, direct marketing, sponsoring, sales promotion and public relations work. Advertising aims at influencing the audiences in their attitude towards certain offers or providers. The main purpose is the conclusion of a legal transaction (or its prevention; cf. principle of the Swiss Commission on Fairness in Advertising “SLK” No. A.3 – in German). Switzerland’s future in digital marketing looks very bright.

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However, this presumption does not define when a particular post needs to be specifically labelled as advertising. Just as in Switzerland,digital marketing is exploding in Spain, growing 75% year on year to 2015, and reaching325 million EUR on mobile alone by 2016. Mobile marketing has grown significantly since 2015, when it onlyaccounted for 4.5%of the total Spanish spend, highlighting the rapidly changing landscape of marketing in this new digital era. Setting up a campaign depends on your business goals and the type of customer you want to reach. Besides, defining a goal can help your campaign achieve a specific result more effectively.

Advertising Pressure In The Market As A Whole

Depending on the objective you have chosen, we will offer you AdWords features that meet your expectations. Our SEA experts can implement various campaigns for you, such as Search, Display, video, or shopping. Each implemented campaign corresponds to a business objective which also depends on a clear strategy and pursues specific KPIs. Our team develops and manages your advertising campaigns via Google . We also take care of your retargeting campaigns, to encourage people who did not take action on their first visit to your website, to return and finalize their purchase or get in contact with you. Radio advertising experienced the third largest percentage reduction (-56.2%), followed by print advertising (-42.8%) and TV advertising (-38.0%).

It’s not the best idea to send a letter to a list of senior citizens asking them to go to a website, download a demo that will email them a 20% of discount voucher to be redeemed in an online computer games shop! Some of the best response mechanisms for corporate mailings include market research information, survey results or relevant reports on industry or technological developments. With over 40 titles in various national languages, we reach a large and diverse readership throughout Switzerland. In addition, we offer a wide range of high-quality targetings, through which our customers can reach the desired target groups effectively and sustainably. A particular case is the differentiation of advertising from independent product recommendations.

  • Readers also keep magazines for longer than daily newspapers.
  • Hosting the biggest exhibitions and world events, find here our new range of products to expose you with brilliance and power to Palexpo.
  • Tom Hanan is Founder and Managing Director of Webrepublic.

Huge global brands such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Microsoft all have their headquarters stationed in Dublin. Many companies find it difficult to justify spending money on permanent marketing employees, whereas outsourcing, or “centralising” services, provides efficient alternative. Eminence takes care of the management of your SEA campaigns through careful keyword research that will allow you to analyze both your CTR (click-through rate), your conversion rate as well as your ROI. In addition, paid referencing is also characterized by sponsored links which produce a very short-term effect and can significantly increase your website traffic from the first moments of launching your campaigns. Only the tobacco industry increased its advertising year-on-year, just like it did in the previous month (+57.8%).

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We will focus the optimizations on the least expensive campaigns by improving the quality of the ads. We will distribute your budget between campaigns in the most optimal way to improve KPIs . The only digital marketing newsletter you’ll ever need.

And readers spend on average three times longer reading their Sunday papers. Readers also keep magazines for longer than daily newspapers. On average, just one in five people will stop in front of a poster ad and read all of it. The title should manage to attract the attention of the reader or passerby.


Lars Neumann is responsible for the Services division. He is an expert with many years of experience in all areas of Google marketing, and lectures on digital marketing at the University of Zurich. Coop Pronto are strategic points of sale to reach a high-income and mobile target group with a spontaneous purchase decision. Whether site-by-site locations or geographical coverage, we offer tailor-made campaign solutions.

You can monitor your marketing tools, you can see whether your marketing campaign is successful or not. You receive quick feedback, so you can see how to change the strategies that do not work. You can test how your audience likes a product or a marketing strategy before you spend plenty of money on a large, costly campaign. Mobile marketing is also set to rapidly scale in Switzerland. According to Swiss enterprises, optimisation of mobile responsive pages (66%), apps (71%) and QR Codes (60%), as well as the specific use of those channels is the main priority for 2018. Part of this will be geo-targeting in combination with other channels such as cross-device marketing, alongside tracking and attribution.

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