Advertising Agency Geneva

Advertising Agency Geneva

He is considered a pioneer in Switzerland’s digital sector, and his philosophy has been instrumental in the agency’s successful growth. The Swiss advertising market was his by the full force of the coronavirus crisis in April. Only CHF 312.8 million advertising pressure – a low point for the year.

  • Tom Hanan is Founder and Managing Director of Webrepublic.
  • Readers also keep magazines for longer than daily newspapers.
  • If a company’s customer base is older, magazines remain a good way of conveying a message.
  • Hosting the biggest exhibitions and world events, find here our new range of products to expose you with brilliance and power to Palexpo.
  • The cost of an ad is higher in the Sunday edition, but it also reaches more people.

In this era of digitalisation these three trends will gain traction and significance, as companies adapt to new forms of consumer behavior. We will develop a keyword and targeting strategy to deliver ads and campaigns to you that are consistent with your business objective. Campaign structuring is mainly based on the organization of keywords at the ad group level. The grouping of similar keyword groups that have a common match type is very important for the organization of the account and the effectiveness of the campaign. This organization allows optimal control of your campaigns when they are launched.

Online Services

In Switzerland, some advertising agencies are registered with the Swiss Association of Leading Advertising and Communication Agencies . Being registered with this association guarantees that an agency will have a certain level of quality. Although the Internet is gaining ground, newspapers and billboards are still essential tools for reaching certain customers. Here, you can read about what’s been going on in our world over the last few months. We publish new products, offers and services on a regular basis so that you’re always kept up to date. And if you happen to miss something, you can also find old updates in our archive.

Advertising & Marketing

But if the company wants to publish a message in a well-known national magazine, using the services of professionals is recommended. Tobias Zehnder is Co-Founder of Webrepublic and in charge of strategy and partnerships at the company. He lectures on the topic of digital marketing at various universities. Make sure your response mechanism is appropriate – ie.

Digital Arrivals

Influencer marketing is considered “advertising” or commercial communication, as are native advertising, direct marketing, sponsoring, sales promotion and public relations work. Advertising aims at influencing the audiences in their attitude towards certain offers or providers. The main purpose is the conclusion of a legal transaction (or its prevention; cf. principle of the Swiss Commission on Fairness in Advertising “SLK” No. A.3 – in German). Switzerland’s future in digital marketing looks very bright.

However, this presumption does not define when a particular post needs to be specifically labelled as advertising. Just as in Switzerland,digital marketing is exploding in Spain, growing 75% year on year to 2015, and reaching325 million EUR on mobile alone by 2016. Mobile marketing has grown significantly since 2015, when it onlyaccounted for 4.5%of the total Spanish spend, highlighting the rapidly changing landscape of marketing in this new digital era. Setting up a campaign depends on your business goals and the type of customer you want to reach. Besides, defining a goal can help your campaign achieve a specific result more effectively.

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