8 Free Online Courses That You Learn From Home

8 Free Online Courses That You Learn From Home

How many times have we witnessed this adage come true in our lives: “In the end, we only regret the opportunities we missed.” When we mature, we continually make concessions to our dreams and desires to fulfill our obligations. Do we not feel guilty for not enrolling in the music lessons we desired because we were preparing for the engineering entrance exam?

Fortunately, there are now numerous US e-learning courses available that allow us to pursue anything we want from the comfort of our own homes. And we can pursue such online courses in addition to our regular education or job. You can check US-Reviews for people’s perceptions on the different e-learning courses. As a result, here are 11 completely free online courses that you can enroll in at any time:

1.  Graphic Designing

If the sight of blank paper and sketch pens has always excited you and you spend the majority of your free time drawing and doodling, it’s time to take your hobby to the next level by enrolling in an online graphic design course. If you have a creative streak, particularly when it comes to sketching and designing, experimenting with Photoshop and other popular graphic design software to learn how to create creative websites, and much more.

2.  Data Analysis

By learning data analysis, you can assist businesses in making more informed business decisions by analyzing transaction data and other types of data that conventional business intelligence programs cannot track. Numerous organizations and online business schools offer Big Data and business analytics courses in which you will learn how to create, test, and analyze data.

3.  Social Media Marketing

If you own a business, you need to tell the world about it, and what better way to do so than through social media? The promotion of your company online through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., is social media marketing. Because everyone is social these days, what could be the best way to reach the target audience through social media marketing?

4.  Programming

Programming is a critical component of website growth. There are several programming languages from which to choose. To run a program successfully, programmers write algorithms in programming languages. Suppose you’re interested in solving complex algorithms. In that case, you can learn to program online and contribute to the solution of complex back-end codes that enable programs to run smoothly on the front-end of a website.

5.  App Development

When was the last time you used your laptop to make an online purchase or book a ticket? Not at all? It is because you’ve been using mobile apps for virtually every job that can be accomplished online, from grocery shopping to reading the news and booking cabs. Develop innovative apps that will assist people in their daily lives by learning app development online.

6.  Film Making

Anyone interested in what happens behind the camera should participate in an online filmmaking course to learn the fundamentals. Individuals who have always been passionate about filmmaking but have been unable to pursue careers in the field will enroll in a short-term online course and learn how to direct their short films and feature films.

7.  Creative Writing

If you can weave stories out of anything and anything, you should enroll in online creative writing courses. Creative writing classes are highly beneficial in molding the thought process to produce beautifully written essays and stories worth reading. Additionally, you can work as a freelance writer for different websites or send applications to a prestigious creative writing company.

8.  Human Resources Management

If you believe you possess strong managerial abilities, especially the ability to manage and organize people at work, consider a career in human resource management. It is one area where job demand is often substantial, and establishing your role can be extremely rewarding.

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