5 Reasons you need PLC Controls and Automation Training Now!

5 Reasons you need PLC Controls and Automation Training Now!

We’ve come to an age where things in the industry and business have turned upside down. Things have changed significantly and lots of people become jobless. Because of this reason, millions of people are trying to retrain for something else.

If you’re thinking about the same thing, you should probably think about this option too. The reason we say this is that people are now looking for jobs outside their regular field.

To know where to look, you should understand what is happening in the industry. What jobs are most wanted now?

What technology do you need to watch out for?

Since technology is completely taking over the industry, it’s clear that what everyone should focus on is programming and computer technologies. The biggest impact will make artificial intelligence which is already taking control of so many things in our society.

From traffic lights to writing articles, artificially intelligent computers are taking the world by storm. Factories are being driven by this technology and the big and heavy machines are working under the supervision of AI. Take a look at this link if you want to know more about AI.

The only thing that AI can’t do, is deciding what we want to make and how to make it look. This is still a job people must do. Engineers capable of programming the machines are highly valuable now. Having this in mind tells you what the next best thing in the industry is. In this article, we’ll try to show you what are the 5 most important things that should make you think about changing professions and getting automation training and learning PLC controls. Follow up if you want to learn more about these things and why they are valuable for you!

1. Automation is taking over the world

The predictions about how big the automation industry is going to be, and how vast the entire artificial intelligence field is, are through the roof. The numbers are outstanding. According to many sources, artificial intelligence-driven computers are seriously going to replace human labor in the next ten years.

According to these sources, the predictions are that some 800 million people around the world will be left without their jobs. The reason is simply that there will be no more need for them. Everything they do will be done by AI computers who can do it better, faster, and more accurate.

The good thing is that the same predictions are not seeing this as an only bad scenario for these people. They claim that some 1.2 billion people will also have the chance to retrain and take some of the new positions that will open up as a direct result of the automation taking over.

In other words, learning automation and PLC programming, which is one of the ways to control machines is a must. If you retrain with time and learn how to interact with machines in their language, you’ll always have a well-paid job.

2. PLC programmers are paid excellent

With Covid-19 always present in our society, lots of paychecks have dropped significantly. It’s not easy getting a decently paid job these days. If you combine this with the possibility to lose your job at any moment, you can say that your future is not secured by all means.

What you must do is find a job that will provide the lifestyle you deserve. The paycheck of the PLC programmers is always higher than the average one in the US. The average paycheck in the States is $56,516.

By the records of the officials from September 2020, the average PLC programmer earns $74,616 annually. That’s almost $20,000 more than the average salary. Still, those with more experience, more responsibilities, and working in top-notch companies can easily go beyond $100,000. If you want a stable job, that will provide an excellent income, you should be looking for these positions. To get one of them though, you need to be well trained and highly experienced. If you know anything about this, then you should start learning right now.

3. You can learn everything about it online

Unlike other professions, PLC programming and automation can be learned entirely through the internet. For example, if you’re trying to become a doctor, you must go to school and train on people with diseases, illnesses, and conditions. With PLC, this is not the case.

All you need to do to learn it is to have a computer and an internet connection. The instructor will teach you everything there is about the profession. Just tune in, and listen to what they have to say. Take notes, learn, and then practice what you’ve learned.

The whole idea of becoming an engineer for PLC is based around a language that machines understand. There are more different languages. Every machine manufacturer uses their own, but they all resemble one to the other.

One of the most popular machines for PLC is Allen Bradley. Lots of people share their knowledge on this but only a few are the best ones. If you want to see how this looks, take a look at https://onlineplcsupport.com/ where can find out more about how the entire programming is done.

4. You will never be out of a job

As you can see from the predictions, the machines are taking over the world whether you like it or not. Since they are going to be here for a long time, it’s up to you to make sure you’re not jobless.

If you retrain yourself and become a PLC engineer, then you can be sure that you’ll always have a job. Someone will always need to create, maintain, program, and reprogram machines. It will be your job to be their boss. If you manage to become excellent in what you do, some creative and amazing things can come out of your hands.

5. It can be highly creative

Most people think this job is for those who like to follow rules and press buttons. They are wrong. This is everything but pressing buttons.

Have you ever seen those robots playing football? They are made by PLC programmers who had fun while doing their job. It is just one of the many ways to have fun doing the job. There are indeed some things that require ultimate precision and dedication, but it is still a job that is fun.


If you want to become a PLC programmer and an automation engineer, you should start learning about it today. There are lots of courses, and the training process is easy. Everything’s done online, which means you will learn in no time.

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