5 Educational Themed Online Games for Children

5 Educational Themed Online Games for Children

Online Games

Online games – Almost every child likes to play online games. But not all games on the internet are suitable and useful for your child.

Mama also has to sort out which games are suitable for child development. The following are recommendations for online games for Mama’s children.

Snoopy Spot the Difference

Who doesn’t know Snoopy, the cute white dog? Ready to play Spot the Difference with Snoopy? Spot the differences, gather Snoopy’s friends, and decorate Snoopy’s world in Snoopy Spot the Difference.

This game teaches children about accuracy to find the difference between 2 similar pictures. In addition, Mama’s child also learns about the concept of time. When looking for differences, the child will have for example 30 seconds. If after the time limit is up and still can’t find it, then you have to try again.

Every time they find all the differences, the child will get a bonus that can use to decorate the character Snoopy and his friends. To know more about technology computers you can visit this site webimag

This game can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

Baby panda supermarket

Kiki Panda needs help shopping! Players are invited to a supermarket and help Kiki shop.

In Supermarkets, there are items hidden in several places. To help Kiki, the player must find all the items on the shopping list. For example fruit, bread, cakes, milk, vegetables, snacks, toys, clothes, and even pets.

Apart from playing, children can learn a lot from games that can be downloaded on the Google Play Store, including:

  • Learn new words
  • Get to know the goods sold in supermarkets
  • Learn to understand orders and do them
  • Learn to read a shopping list

Marine animal educational games

The marine animal educational series children’s game is a learning game that aims to introduce the marine world to children. Mama’s child will find these games:

  • Getting to know marine animals
  • Play puzzle
  • Coloring games for pictures
  • Guess the name of the animal
  • Guess the shape
  • Test children’s skills with puzzle games and develop children’s creativity with drawing games.

The results of his work can save as well. By using this game, children can play while learning to recognize the animals that live in the sea in a fun way.

Hello Kitty lunchbox

Come join Hello Kitty in the school cafeteria to choose a delicious lunch to prepare.

Children will play with a variety of recipes and types of food in the bag. Her job is to make lunch according to a recipe from Hello Kitty. If successful, the bonus that will be obtained is a prize for decorating the lunch box.

What will your child learn from this game?

  • Creativity in decorating lunch boxes
  • Learn about kitchen utensils to prepare lunch boxes
  • Learn to make lunches and get to know various types of food supplies
  • Complete each challenge well

Village and farm

Here, Mama’s children can explore the world of agriculture and animal husbandry. The child will cultivate a plot of land. Children’s creativity is also tested here. In addition, children also have to manage land, finances, and harvest time. Interesting right?

What’s in this game?

  1. A variety of crops on the farm such as corn, rice, tomatoes, beans
  2. Harvest cooking activities
  3. Feeding farm animals
  4. Socializing with fellow farmers and ranchers
  5. Selling products from agriculture and livestock
  6. Complete challenges at each level
  7. Set up farmland

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