4 Latest Findings ‘Scary’ in the World of Science

4 Latest Findings ‘Scary’ in the World of Science


Maybe some people think that science is so complicated that it is not surprising that science is considered boring.

But in reality, many interesting things can be found in every individual knows what field they like most in science. Including those who like things ‘creepy’.

A number of recent studies from the world of science reveal the creepy discoveries of various fields, ranging from outer space to things that are close to us.

Quoted from Listverse, here are 4 of the latest creepy discoveries coming from the world of science.

1. Cosmic Radiation

Planet Mars (NASA).
A new study shows, 225 million kilometers of travel to Planet Mars not only causes chronic jet lag, but there are a number of great dangers lurking behind it.

The study published in Scientific Reports found that levels of cosmic radiation exposed to tourists can cause brain damage, anxiety, and chronic dementia.

2. Killer Robot

Illustration of ‘robots killer’ (Melinda Sue Gordon)
Despite the benefits of using artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI) in the future, a team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University revealed that the machine can kill indiscriminately.

AI is ‘valued’ to cause damage and kill. The destructive and killing ability was built because the robot had been programmed from the start with the optimal strategy to shoot continuously and damage whatever was seen by it.

3. Worms in the mouth

Parasites found in the mouth of Jonathan Allen (Wired)
Professor Jonathan Allen has difficulty diagnosing a rough circular section on the inside of his mouth. These clots regularly move to different places.

It turned out that the clot contained parasites in the form of small worms that only infected as many as 13 people in the United States, including Allen himself. He finally published an article about the worm which he named “Buddy”.

4. Ancient Crocodile

Illustration of Carnufex carolinensis (Jorge Gonzales)
Paleontologists at North Carolina State University recently discovered an older species of dinosaur and are a close relative of ancient crocodiles. Although extinct 230 million years ago, Carnufex carolinensis (Carolina butcher) is a 3 meter long crocodile-like species and runs on two legs like humans.

With teeth like knives and agile movements, Carnuflex was probably one of the top predators before the appearance of dinosaurs.

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