Top Advertising Agencies In Switzerland

Top Advertising Agencies In Switzerland

Because in most European countries you are only allowed to send advertising e-mails with opt-in. Opt-in means that the recipient expressly agrees to receive advertising e-mails. The cost of an ad is higher in the Sunday edition, but it also reaches more people. On average, the number of newspapers sold on Sundays is 10% to 40% higher than on weekdays.

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Are you planning a digital marketing conference or event, or organizing a workshop for your team? The partners and directors at Webrepublic are recognized experts and experienced speakers, and cover a wide spectrum of topics. Get in touch with us to plan the agenda for your next event. To leverage all its advantages, you can combine online marketing with offline marketing and other direct marketing tools, from print ads to flyers.

Special Case: Credits Are Not Always Advertising

Influencer marketing is considered “advertising” or commercial communication, as are native advertising, direct marketing, sponsoring, sales promotion and public relations work. Advertising aims at influencing the audiences in their attitude towards certain offers or providers. The main purpose is the conclusion of a legal transaction (or its prevention; cf. principle of the Swiss Commission on Fairness in Advertising “SLK” No. A.3 – in German). Switzerland’s future in digital marketing looks very bright.

  • The Swiss advertising market was his by the full force of the coronavirus crisis in April.
  • We will develop a keyword and targeting strategy to deliver ads and campaigns to you that are consistent with your business objective.
  • We are specialized in the implementation of high-reach and target-group-specific advertising campaigns for both national and international advertising clients and agencies.
  • From the beginning of 2022, the advertising rates for SonntagsBlick, Schweizer Illustrierte and L’illustré will be reduced by between 14% and 17%.

Depending on the objective you have chosen, we will offer you AdWords features that meet your expectations. Our SEA experts can implement various campaigns for you, such as Search, Display, video, or shopping. Each implemented campaign corresponds to a business objective which also depends on a clear strategy and pursues specific KPIs. Our team develops and manages your advertising campaigns via Google . We also take care of your retargeting campaigns, to encourage people who did not take action on their first visit to your website, to return and finalize their purchase or get in contact with you. Radio advertising experienced the third largest percentage reduction (-56.2%), followed by print advertising (-42.8%) and TV advertising (-38.0%).

Separation Of Advertising In #influencer Marketing In Switzerland

This website generally does not collect any personal information. Only when you submit a request to us or sign up for a service will personal data be collected and stored. The ad should announce a limited special offer or an offer which only the first 100 customers can enjoy. Ringier Advertising has decided to adjust the advertising rates of some print titles in order to reflect the change in consumption behaviour of its readers.

In the first article, we explain the requirements for the separation of advertising in influencer marketing in Switzerland. In 2011, more people looked for information on the Internet than in newspapers. Yet traditional marketing tools, such as newspaper ads and posters, still play a key role in promoting the services of an SME. If a company’s customer base is older, magazines remain a good way of conveying a message. Similarly, a poster placed on a busy street or in a station will reach a wide range of customers.

They are active and stop with a single click, which gives you real flexibility in the management of your web marketing campaigns. Content marketing will take center stage in terms of digital amplification methods, allowing enterprises to produce highly specified content for specific audiences. Last year 88% of Swiss companies claimed that content is a must-have for future marketing strategies. Since then, big enterprises have adapted this model, opening new content departments to stay competitive in this now global digital marketing sector.

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