There are several Reasons to do Tensile tests

There are several Reasons to do Tensile tests

There are several reasons to do tensile tests. Regardless, these tests usually start with tensile sample preparation where you need Tensile test sample preparation equipment. The results are used in engineering applications to help machinists choose the right materials for superior end-products.

When it comes to material specification, the tensile properties of materials are considered in the final selection. Before developing a new material or process, the tensile properties are measured to understand how they will help create high-quality products.

Tensile properties are also helpful in predicting the behavior of materials under different uniaxial tensions and loading forms. Read on to get to know about the TensileMill CNC MINI – Super for non-trained operators.

How to Prepare Tensile Samples

Material testing is a standard procedure in checking the compatibility of the material with a specific purpose. The test samples represent the body of the material, therefore they are often derived from similar material sources that have gone through the same procedures.

A tensile sample preparation equipment is used to accurately extract the samples. This equipment is a primary tool when doing tensile tests for various engineering applications. The current global leader for the easiest tensile sample preparation equipment that you can trust is TensileMill CNC Inc.
What Is the TensileMill CNC MINI – Tensile Specimen Preparation Machine?
The TensileMill CNC MINI is a tensile sample preparation machine for compact industrial flat tensile specimen preparation needs. As the name suggests, it is a smaller version of a typical CNC machine that is designed for non-trained CNC mechanists.

Although the machine is small in size, it offers the same great features offered by other manufacturer’s similar machines. In terms of application, the TensileMill CNC MINI is an industrial grade system designed for medium to high volumes of tensile sample preparation.

With a heavy-duty cast iron frame, this machine has axes that move smoothly on the linear rails. It provides superior machining capability because the machine utilizes a high-powered servo with 24,000rpm ER Collet rotating shaft. This equipment is also built to provide the ultimate flexibility required in tensile sample preparation.

The TensileMill CNC MINI also offers comprehensive CNC machining features. This allows to upgrade the MINI to perform the full scope of CNC machining capabilities. For example, you can prepare high volumes of quality tensile specimens as well as impact specimens all in one machine. It comes with a high-definition, 10 inches LCD screen which is ran by the Tensile Software ™.

The user-friendly tensile milling user interface is what separates our equipment from our competitors. It’s easy to enter your tensile specimen on the machine through the interface. The available sample sizes depend on industry-standard parameters specified in DIN, JIS, ASTM, and ISO.
After entering the required measurements, the milling preparation process only takes several seconds. The entered specimen sizes are then saved on the Tensile Software interface for future reference. The machine features an inbuilt diverse system of pre-programmed tensile specimens.

The diverse repository allows the equipment to establish the program promptly without entering a measurement. You can easily upgrade from the Tensile Software to the Carbon Software using the new MINI version. The interface makes the equipment work both as a CNC machine and tensile specimen preparation equipment.

The intuitive and powerful CNC control feature allows unlimited specimen preparation and milling potential. The base unit has an easy-to-use touchscreen controller for more flexibility. If you need the machine to be more flexible, upgrading it to full Carbon Software is a good solution.

The upgraded version offers the following features:

21 inches LCD touchscreen
advanced trajectory planning
up-to-date dual-mode cutter compensation
drilling canned cycle
mirroring and scaling
126 work offsets
helical interpolation
macro B programming
254 tool offsets
Ethernet for connected networks
USB port for expansion option
4GB of RAM
Wi-Fi network connection
Up to 64GB storage

All these excellent features of the upgraded version make it worth your money to buy the Full Carbon Software. However, it is continuously being developed to provide more features and much improved capabilities to users.

In addition to the tensile milling program, the machine can also integrate CNC control systems such as the MACH4 Industrial CNC Software. When it comes to the design, TensileMill considered the needs of the users by adding the 2.2 kW ER Spindle which allows cutting tougher and thicker materials without any difficulty.

The Triple Clamping Fixture is another great feature to take advantage of from MINI – Super. It allows the machinist to stack up to 3 sets of specimens in one milling. More importantly, the new CNC MINI is designed to provide machine operators with maximum safety.

Since it is ideally made for medium to high volumes of sample preparations, it has a working area of 15.75 inches by 15.75 inches by 7.87 inches. The rotating motor is water-cooled and has a rating of 1.5 kW which makes the machine powerful enough to accommodate CNC machining and sample preparation materials.

The precision ballscrews secure the closed-loop motor for accuracy during the sample preparation and milling process. The machine has dimensions of 47 inches by 47 inches area and 5 inches height. This is to make sure that the CNC MINI can provide efficient and accurate results.

Sometimes, there’s a limited work area and low specimen preparation volume. In this case, the TensileMill CNC MINI is the best solution for medium and large volume sample preparation.

Technical Specifications

Working area
T-Slot size
Unit Dimensions
Spindle Speed
Spindle Motor Power
Servo Power
Servo Torque
Max Feedrate
Input Voltage
Total Power
Controlling Code
Full Carbon CNC
Loudest Volume at Point of Entry
Position Repeatability  
Ma Engraving Speed
Motor Drive
Tool Shank  
Connection Reqs.
TurnKey Package
Custom Tensile  
Axis Servo Motor
44.5×42×70 inches or 1130×1066×1778 millimeters
400×400×200 millimeters or 15.75×15.75×7.87 inches
 1500 pounds or 680 kilograms
12 millimeters or 0.472 inch
1829×1092×1321 millimeters or 72×43×52 inches
24,000 RPM
2.2 KW or 3 HP water-cooling spindle
ER 20 Collet or ISO20 Optional
0.54 HP or 400 W
566 ounces-inches
500 IPM
220 voltages
3.3 Kilowatts
TensileMill Interface on 10 inches Touchscreen Control
Upgrade available
70-90 Decibels
0.01 millimeters or 0.0003 inch
10,000 millimeters per minute
Precision Ballscrew
up to 12 millimeters or 0.47 inches
 Pneumatic, optional
Standard with Main Instrument
Applicable for ISO, EN, JIS, DIN, and ASTM standards
Upgrade available

TensileMill CNC MINI continues to upgrade its door design to increase user-friendliness and safety features. The average monthly specimen capacity is over 10,000 samples in 34 industries with 39,879 different products and materials tested.


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