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Vertebrates And Invertebrates Interactive Worksheet

Vertebrates And Invertebrates Interactive Worksheet


Vertebrates are attention-grabbing partly because we are intimately conversant in them, but in addition as a result of we ARE them. Our species, Homo sapiens, is included inside the Vertebrata. Fish (together with lampreys, but traditionally not hagfish, though this is now disputed), amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals (including people) are vertebrates.

Large species (sturgeons) are found in contemporary waters (several different large species are found within the Amazon) in addition to in marine environments. The diet might embody plants, animals, and carrion. Most species are midwater swimmers, but many spend much time lying on the bottom. Tail, pectoral, and even dorsal fins are utilized in swimming. Reproduction in this group is by the use of massive numbers of small eggs, which produce small larvae or develop on to the grownup.

A primary pattern of closed circulatory vessels is largely preserved in most residing forms. Unique, bilateral kidneys lie retroperitoneally … Read More