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Heliocentric #Epicfail

Heliocentric #Epicfail


Galileo’s observations with his new telescope satisfied him of the truth of Copernicus’s solar-centered or heliocentric principle . Also the Geocentric and Heliocentric common of the 5 major planets with Mars ignored, is of great significance and must be watched.

Heliocentrism Before Copernicus

Retrograde movement of the planets is defined by the Earth’s movement, which in brief was additionally influenced by planets and different celestial bodies round Earth. Retrograde movement of the planets is explained by the Earth’s motion. The complete sky on that are situated the Sun, Moon, planets, stars, and all different celestial bodies for a geocentric observer.

L. Heilbron, informed contemporaries of Galileo’s “appreciated that the reference to heresy in reference to Galileo or Copernicus had no basic or theological significance.” While the sphericity of the Earth was well known in Greco-Roman astronomy from a minimum of the 4th century BC, the Earth’s daily rotation and yearly … Read More