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Atomic Theory

Atomic Theory


They are known as the atom’s electron cloud. They are attracted in direction of the nucleus due to the electromagnetic force. Electrons have a unfavorable charge and the nucleus at all times has a optimistic charge, so they appeal to one another. Around the nucleus, some electrons are further out than others, in several layers. In most atoms the first shell has two electrons, and all after that have eight.

So for a very long time it was a mystery to scientists how the positively charged protons in the nucleus stayed collectively. They solved this by discovering a particle known as a gluon.

Gravity ultimately triggered clouds of fuel to coalesce and kind stars, and heavier atoms were (and nonetheless are) created within the stars and despatched throughout the universe when the star exploded (supernova). Atom, smallest unit into which matter may be divided with out the discharge of electrically … Read More