Social Media Entertainment Is Becoming More Fun & Engaging

Social Media Entertainment Is Becoming More Fun & Engaging

Getting the best out of your social media is easy if you understand how to use the social media platform that you are using. The idea of social media is to share content, and this includes entertainment as one of the number one reasons why people use social media. Videos with popular headlines such as ‘Passers-by saving dog from the river’, ‘Man helps a baby horse get unstuck’, and other situations where a total stranger helps someone out of a predicament.

These short videos have become a huge hit on Facebook. Other ways people are using social media for entertainment as well as to gain more followers and likes is by posting quiz questions. For example, ‘your fighter pilot jet name is the color of your top and the last chocolate you ate’ – right now my fighter pilot nickname would be ‘Grey KitKat!

There are also plenty of images that come with quiz questions. One instance of this is the mapping journey. ‘Which bucket will fill up first on the map – a, b, c, or d’ – you will need to follow the water’s route and see where leaks, holes, or walls block, divert or help the water get to its final destination.

How can social media entertainment be turned into money?

Many of these adverts are literally there just for entertainment. For businesses, they are trying to find a way to engage with people and gain followers. For the individual, the same objective to gain more followers and likes. Eventually, individuals could have huge influencer power over their huge mass of followers and likes. For a business, they get to send more entertaining videos and pics that will now be shown free on people’s timelines.

Someone that becomes an influencer could be approached by a company that wants to use their account to advertise their product. It could just be simply to get the message or brand name in people’s minds, or it’s hardball sales advert that the influencer approves.

On YouTube people that review toys are being given full sets of these toys by the manufacturer for absolutely free. As long as the person reviews the toys on their YouTube channel, then the manufacturer is happy to give them away for free. Many of these toy review channels have over 1 million subscribers or view on their accounts.

Is this all just a gimmick for people to make money?

It really doesn’t matter, to be honest. Some people will look at the videos and teasers just for fun. They will go no further than this. For businesses, the answer is probably yes. It is to make money. Either way, we are being entertained. I would say that half of the entertainment put out there is not about money or gaining more followers or likes and the other half is.

How can you get more people to follow your social media?

If you want the chance to become an influencer, then you need to at least make your social media account look busy. For Twitter, there is a great service called acheter followers twitter. This site has multiple languages, so most people in Europe and the USA will be able to use the site’s services to help boost their Twitter page. There are also services on there available for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media and sharing networks.

Is Social Media Still Growing?

We all know the answer to this question, but there are still some people out there that need reassuring. Social media is more than well! It is, in fact, the number one place for people to search for holiday days, product deals, software reviews, local contractor companies, online shopping and more. Social Media is continuing to grow and the major platforms like Facebook and Twitter that have said to have dropped in popularity are in fact still very popular and powerful sales and marketing tools.

With all the new ways businesses and influencers are trying to reach us, it seems that the choice of entertainment we have from social media platforms is getting better all the time. We have more videos than ever to watch, jokes to share, funny pictures, opinions, and more. We can only expect the entertainment social media has to offer to improve!

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