Making – Getting Started & Next Steps

Making – Getting Started & Next Steps

Indie Films Need A Good Crew

Has the idea of being an indie filmmaker ever appealed to you? Independent films are often referred to as indie films. These films do not have all the benefits available to major film studios. Instead a lot of hard work and planning goes into making an indie film a reality. There are a few steps you can take to become an indie filmmaker.

The crew is the first start of an indie film. Consider using students for your film so you don’t have to pay employees. The film students will be grateful for the chance to build on their film reel. Also students can bring in a fresh new look and creative eye to the filmmaking process. It’s important that the unpaid interns are currently attending school at the time of your film. Just require your filmmakers on your crew to provide you with proof that they are in a school program.

It’s essential to have a team who is invested emotionally and cares about your project. With a strong team in place you can begin to create the movie idea. In the first stages of creating the indie film you and your team may have to meet several times just to talk. These meeting should be an open forum for all crew members to give ideas.

Once the team agrees on a movie to create all of the details can begin getting worked out. The screenplay is one of the first things that need to be broken down. Breaking down the screenplay will allow you to see if it fits within your budget. Certain projects are going to be way out of your budget.

Speaking of budgets, where will you get your budget to make your indie film? Going online for funding can be a great resource. There’s an online website where you can request funding for your movie. You can make a preview to get funding for your movie. You do not have to wait for the indie to be finished before making the preview. The preview will be a great moment to showcase your filmmaking skills and grab the audience’s attention. A short preview is more likely to stay in the mind of the viewer.

When beginning the filming process make sure you and your crew agree to a schedule. Successful Indie filmmakers have meticulous organization. There will be curve balls thrown at you during filming. Your priorities can stay in place when you have a meticulous organization.

You also need to have a strict budget. Impulse purchases will cripple your film and are not a good idea. Instead honor your budget. , Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Almost every film will have an unexpected need arise that causes them to go over budget. Just control the things you can budget so when the things you can’t control come into play you’re able to pay for them.

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