Language: 6 Countries That Use Indonesian

Language: 6 Countries That Use Indonesian

Language: 6 Countries That Use Indonesian

Language – Indonesia is well-known for its vast natural richness and various cultures. It is the world’s largest archipelagic country. Indonesia also has many Indonesian speakers who go abroad. Then, which countries have Indonesian adherents?

Indonesian is one of the largest languages ​​in Southeast Asia with active users covering more than 47 countries. Gathering information from the Katadata Databox, there are as many as 199 million Indonesian language users in the world. This number puts Indonesia in the 11th position as the most widely spoken language in the world in 2021.

So it is not wrong if many countries in Asia and Europe make Indonesian an important language to learn. Moreover, there are many who have potential investment cooperation with Indonesia, making countries in the world study it.

The factor of a large number of workers in these countries also spurred other countries to learn and speak about it. So gradually, many people in the world consider Indonesian to be an important part to be studied and included in their daily life.

Here are 6 countries that use Indonesian, including:


Malaysia is a neighboring country that has bilateral relations with Indonesia. In terms of cultural background and customs, Malaysia and Indonesia have some similarities. Likewise in terms of language. Malaysians use Malay which is similar in pronunciation to Indonesian.

So, it’s nothing new to hear Malaysians speak fluently in our mother tongue. Because if you look at its history, the origin of the Indonesian language comes from a combination of Malay and Dutch.

Brunei Darussalam

Like Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam also has bilateral relations with Indonesia that are well established to this day. This can be seen from the presence of the Brunei Darussalam Embassy in Jakarta and the Indonesian Embassy in Bandar Seri Begawan. In addition, one thing that makes Brunei and Indonesia close is the field of trade.

You could say, the two countries work together to complete several sectors. This also encourages the people of Brunei Darussalam to apply the Indonesian language in their daily life, especially for buying and selling, so it is not surprising that it is embedded as an Indonesian language country.


Many Vietnamese people also use Indonesian. In fact, currently, there are hundreds of students from various countries – including those from Vietnam – taking Indonesian language programs, both at the level of compulsory school education and tertiary education.


In this Kangaroo country, Indonesian is a compulsory subject at school. In fact, one of the schools that require Indonesian language lessons is the Burgmann Anglican School in the capital city of Canberra and the University of Southern Queensland. No wonder if you visit Australia, you will find children aged 6 years are already fluent in Indonesian.


A large number of Indonesian workers in Canada makes the country considers this language important. Canada even considers its citizens to be able to speak Indonesian fluently. Currently, in Canada, there are many places for learning Indonesian courses.


The strong bilateral relationship between Japan and Indonesia has also increased the interest of the Japanese people to learn Indonesian. Not only language, but Japanese people also have high enthusiasm to learn about various cultures of our nation.

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