Can’t wait to get it set up and see what people create. While there are lots of aspects to look forward to, there are possibly some parts you’re less excited about. Looking for practical and efficient ways to ensure indoor air quality? From air purifiers to ionizers to ozone machines, all these units are great in their own ways.

If you’re looking for the best stationery online store, shop now and get the most economically priced stationery products for all your needs. From whiteboard markers to ballpoint pens, scissors and glue to hand sanitisers – we stock it all. This office desk gadget from Oakywood allows you to hang your headphones in style. We love the geometric, oak wood base which is surprisingly functional as it is a 10W wireless charger. Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, you just need to pop your phone on the base and it charges as you work. This is a handcrafted item and you can even have it personalised so it would also make a lovely gift.

This handy and portable toolkit was designed to be concealed anally by CIA agents during the Cold War. The idea was that if you were captured, you could poop out the miniature toolkit and make an escape. Although the idea makes most people giggle, it could have been a life saver. It’s likely that many of your employees haven’t been into the office in more than a year and half, and that many of them may have gotten hired in that time and never been in it all.

Paper memos are often overlooked, and are also wasteful and potentially costly overtime. Instead of relying on paper memos that just get tossed in the trash, opt for a high-tech memo board, like this LCD writing tablet. Have one for the office in general, or get a few for each department. The hackers sent out nearly 500 tweets before the account was restored. I’ve gotten one of each of them and an over-the-air antenna as well.

According to you, which of these are the coolest office accessories? Also, if you have any other gadget recommendations or have any feedback, let me know. Making your office or home workstation more ergonomic more than often requires elevating your monitor to the ideal viewing level. If you want a stand that enhances the décor composition of your room, you should not opt for the regular cheap plastic or metal stands. MONITORMATE has a stylish and functional stand that will change how you work.

Order these hereTrust us when we say these little desk accessories can go a long way in office organization. Nothing can stress out a Type A person more than walking into an office to see cluttered desks full of tangled-up cords. Cable organizers like these are affordable and can be bought in bulk, and will allow your team to have a neat, clutter-free, tangle-free workspace. We’ve all been caught with our phones dwindling much closer to zero battery than we’d like, and it always seems to happen when there are no plugs in site. This solar-powered battery charger is a game changer for these situations. Taken altogether, here’s how I see your buying decision-making going.

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