Council For Science And Technology

Council For Science And Technology

Some of our journals have guidelines for the maximum recommended length for each different type of article (see the ‘About the journal’ section of the Journal you are submitting to on IOPscience). On completion of the first draft, carefully re-read your paper and make any amendments that will improve the content. When complete, send the paper to colleagues and co-authors, and use their feedback to improve the clarity of the text. When all co-authors are satisfied that the draft is ready to be submitted to a journal, carry out one final spelling and grammar check before submission. You should take care to ensure that such articles are prepared in the format of a research paper, which is more concise than is appropriate for a thesis.

Tables should be numbered serially and referred to in the text by number (table 1, etc.). Each table should have an explanatory caption which should be as concise as possible. IOP Publishing reserves the right to refuse to publish any content that, in its opinion, could be deemed distasteful or illegal including, but not limited to, libellous, defamatory, offensive or hate speech. We have cutting-edge facilities to develop and test new products and processes for the global marketplace, our business partnerships and engagement team can help you access a wide range of facilities. Our award-winning business partnerships team will connect you quickly to the people who have the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your business goals. Begin your research career by developing a Masters programme that will develop your own interests.

Across many countries, methods for scientific advice are being actively debated. We see a growing willingness to acknowledge uncertainties and experiment with new governance processes. On our Science and Technology Policy MSc, you’ll learn about the language, logic and tools of policy formulation and analysis.

Require a person to whom financial support is given to provide the relevant authority with any information it requests for the purpose of the exercise of any of its functions. Before submitting your article, please ensure you have conducted a literature search to check for any relevant references you may have missed. For articles prepared using LaTeX2e, please make sure that your figures are all supplied as vector Encapsulated PostScript and linked to your main TeX files using appropriate figure inclusion commands such as \includegraphics. For articles prepared using Word, where possible please also supply all figures as separate graphics files . These files can be used directly to give high-quality results, and file sizes are small in comparison with most bitmap forms. If there is a maximum article length then it is important that you follow this guidance when preparing your submission.

You can view a full listing of our events and search the archive on our events page. In April 2022, the UK Government published an Energy Security Strategy, mapping out a transition to low carbon energy sources. A key element of that is a commitment to a major expansion in civil nuclear power – to 24GW by 2050, representing 25% of projected electricity demand.

This section should provide sufficient details of the experiment, simulation, statistical test or analysis carried out to generate the results such that the method can be repeated by another researcher and the results reproduced. IOP Editing Services, in partnership with Editage, also provides formatting and artwork services if you would like help preparing your paper for submission. We do ask that you consider the readability for referees when formatting your manuscript. There is no need for you to include line numbers in your manuscript as these will automatically be added on submission.

You’ll be taught by world-leading researchers and scholars, and benefit from the global networks enjoyed by the University of Sussex Business School and SPRU – Science Policy Research Unit. The indispensability and vitality of scientific knowledge and technological inventions are more than obvious at all aspects of life these days. Therefore, contemporary society is not characterised by more than anything else but Science & Technology and its importance is demonstrated in the daily lives of people. Science & Technology encourages to improve the quality of education, increasing the interest in science creating a technologically literate workforce and providing recognition for outstanding achievements by students.

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