Cool Gadget Gifts

Cool Gadget Gifts

Yes, we’re starting to stretch the definition of ‘best gadgets’ but you won’t be disappointed by the Dyson Cyclone V11 Absolute (£440), if your budget will stretch too. With three power levels, it offers the same performance, in terms of suction, as a full-size vacuum. It’s great for stairs and with two floorheads, four additional tools and auto detection, the Dyson handles edge to edge cleaning like a champ. For more options, head to our bathroom-inclined WIRED Recommends guides including the best hair straighteners, best electric toothbrushes, the best beard trimmers and the best electric shavers. For more picks, our best tablets guide features more iPad and Android tablet options and, even, a Microsoft Surface.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to leave a review here anymore because the company’s website has closed. Keeping cool in the warmer months is completely essential if you want to make it through the summer without excessive trips to the doctors. Other things to remember whilst out in the sun is to ensure you’re covered in high factor sun cream and drink, drink, drink. Avoiding protein heavy foods and meats is also advisable as they can increase metabolic heat production which can lead to loss of water and in extreme cases dehydration.

An intuitive, minimalist 4K QLED TV that functions without an aerial dish, Sky’s new all-in-one entertainment system does things a little differently. Available in three sizes and five colours, the idea is that you pick one of several pricing plans on a 24-or-48-month basis, rather than buy the screen outright, plus a Sky TV streaming subscription. Then you’re away, free to enjoy the device’s impressive Dolby Vision HDR and Atmos sound systems, voice capabilities and plethora of streaming options and apps. It’s all very easy to use, and seamless in its performance. You can’t record movies and TV shows, but there are plenty available as part of the streaming packages, and it gives you the option of beginning a movie from the start if you tune in half-way through.

No platform can compete when it comes to apps designed specifically for tablets. The new model is also compatible with Apple’s latest tablet accessories – including the Magic Keyboard (£271) and Apple Pencil (£117). The LG is quite an expensive TV so head to our guide to the best TVs and, let’s not beat around the bush, the best TVs under £1,000 for more options. Or, if you’re after a specific size, check out our picks at the best 65-inch TVs, 55-inch TVs and 50-inch TV guides.

From projectors to audio, we’ve compiled a WIRED guide on how to build a brilliant home cinema on a budget. Yeah, we live in a world of seemingly endless streaming services but there’s still plenty of value in owning the movies and TV shows you love. This 65-inch OLED is the best TV you can buy right now.

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