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Staying on Top of Technological Developments in Fleet Management

Staying on Top of Technological Developments in Fleet Management

Software programs in fleet management can help managers to make the most of new technological advancements. Technology in the transportation industry has rapidly grown in recent years because of the developing consumerization of mobile appliances and platforms and the impact of regulatory and economic environments. Even though most of these advances concern safety, fuel conservation, or communication, fleet managers should continuously look for new ways to minimize overhead costs and increase the productivity of their operations.

Success in the transportation sector is determined by the ability to control multiple expense variables. However, some companies still struggle with the challenge of reducing fuel costs or dispatching fleets in the best way possible. Economic conditions regarding the fleet industry and other influences on supply and demand are also out of fleet managers’ control. Companies can benefit from the use of transportation software tools to fully take advantage of the changing demands and … Read More

5 Top Smartphones at Mobile World Congress 2018

5 Top Smartphones at Mobile World Congress 2018



The attraction of Mobile World Congress 2018 comes from the launch of the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. However, besides the smartphone, there were several other smartphones that also managed to steal the attention.

These are the 5 smartphones that steal the most attention, ranging from the best, the biggest, to the most prominent in the 2018 MWC as quoted from Techcrunch.

1. The best smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung gained attention even before the MWC event was held. This Galaxy S9 is not an additional revolutionary product. But this new flagship product adds a number of feature buttons that are enough to make it look new and fresh.

Low light photography is the most prominent of these new Samsung smartphones, and super slow motion is the most enjoyable feature.

2. The best retro cellphone, Nokia 8110

Once again, HMD managed to get the hearts and minds of … Read More