BSc Hons Web Design & Development

BSc Hons Web Design & Development

We can’t ignore that apps dominate the chart, indicating a change in online engagement towards social media use. A one year supervised work experience is available, intended to develop overall graduate attributes and employability. The School has committed resources to developing employment opportunities in conjunction with Student and Academic Services. This experience takes place in Year 3, conditional upon the student being accepted by an employer on an approved work based placement. This must be established in Year 2 by consultation with the School Placement Coordinator.

  • There’s great demand for inventive individuals who create innovative solutions for the future.
  • You will apply these in the context of a small development project and relate then to your other studies.
  • Second, that is what google looks for now that brings us over to the SEO side again.
  • Students develop an understanding of the professional software engineering professional practices required to implement complex web applications.

Many of the websites have underestimated mobile-friendly websites’ power and continued to keep only one version of their page. This decision eventually brought them a huge loss of traffic and potential customers. This means that if you have your website designed for computers only, you’ll lose half of the traffic that comes to your webpage. As well as a many smaller but locally established companies providing web and other digital services to media and health concerns. You could benefit from financial support through a bursary or scholarship during your time as a student. For more details visit ourfinancial support, bursaries and scholarships section.


Software development for the web has made significant progress in the last decade, moving from primarily static pages to powerful and complex applications. This module will introduce you to the fundamentals of coding for the web, the core algorithms and data structures that you will deal with in the business world, and how to ensure that your code is secure and correct. You will learn how to take the fundamental algorithms and data-structures and apply them to solve small-scale real-world problems. The module will enable you to expand your knowledge of a number of programming languages for software development both on the server-side and in the browser. The aim of the module is to provide you with a broad introduction to the core areas of artificial intelligence with a focus on applications, tools and technologies used in building intelligent systems. You will learn how intelligent systems allow computers to represent, process and learn from data.

Computers Web Design and Development

The focus of this programme is teaching learners about Web design, marketing and business principles. Become a software developer and learn to develop complex applications using different programming languages. You’ll be taught by a team of expert academics and specialist professionals.


This is due to the overwhelming popularity of our courses and visa processing timeframes. Applications are still being taken from students who are already in the UK and hold the right to study. Our lecturers work closely with industry through partnerships or by helping web development and related industries with research, consultancy, technical and managerial inputs. They are also a useful source of internship and industry-brief opportunities for our students. Dr. Terry Felke-Morris, a Harper College Professor Emerita, has taught web development, computer information systems, and e-learning instructional technology courses.

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