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About The Prospecting Journal:
Prospecting Journal encompasses a compilation of information pertaining to the Canadian junior mining industry. The site provides visitors with the ability to research and analyze a multitude of Canadian mining companies by enabling visitors to have access to reports, releases, profiles, news, and featured companies.

The site is a reference tool for all current and potential investors to keep up to date on current trends, and is an excellent educational reference enabling visitors with access to analytical material, reference links and career opportunities.

Prospecting Journal is owned by Cordova Media Inc., a privately held British Columbia Company which specializes in market communications for junior resource public companies.

G. Joel Chury – Editor in Chief

With a predilection towards all things earth-related, G. Joel Chury comes from a lineage of resource based men. Grandson of a drill-bit innovator and hobby gold-panner, and son of a successful mineral landman based out of Calgary, AB, Mr. Chury has propelled his pedigree into a career surrounding all things underground at the end of the drillbit.

Currently a veteran columnist for Vancouver-based Resource World Magazine, Mr. Chury’s “Oil Patch Report” has contributed plenty of valuable material pertaining to oil and gas, and now he is expanding into writing about his other passion: gold and minerals. This process is the culmination of over ten years of published writing, and a life time of sage wisdom and advice from his predecessors.

Upon obtaining his degree in Economics from the University of Alberta, Mr. Chury began his career as a communications co-ordinator for a Calgary-based Investor Relations company dealing primarily with oil and gas companies and energy trusts. Wanting to get his hands a little dirtier, G. Joel moved into a land brokerage as a licensed surface land agent, obtaining hundreds of leases all over the province of Alberta and learning the lay of the land.

A move to the west coast in 2007 would prove to be enlightening, and Mr. Chury began to spread his oil and gas related attributes into the gold and precious metals arena. Contracted by several junior gold and mining companies, Mr. Chury wrote content for websites, advertising materials, presentations and press releases. His exposure to this side of the industry has proven to give G. Joel the insight to read between the lines and offer to you an accurate and enlightening look at the field of mining, and to bring out the inner prospector in all of us.

In his spare time, Mr. Chury is an avid sports fan, having written plenty of sports articles and spent time coaching little league baseball. His writing can also be read in a Vancouver-based magazine as an indie music reviewer bi-monthly. A large supporter of non-profits, G. Joel has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for his favourite charities including research for the cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

Chris Devauld ~ Senior Writer
With a love of dirt and a knack with solid words, Chris Devauld brings a sturdy core to the Prospecting Journal’s writing team.

Son of a self-made resources man, resident of a small BC mining town, world-traveller and writer of everything, Mr Devauld entered the working world labouring in the northern mines, forests and mills that have built Canada’s economy. Currently a communications professional in Vancouver and an avid writer, his approach to mining is based on a strong education and diverse life experiences.

Having obtained a B.A. in English and Writing from the University of Victoria in 2006 and an M.A. in Communications from Edith Cowan University in Australia in 2009, Mr. Devauld sprinkled his inter and post education years with solid work in various sectors. He was a lead writer for a national charity in Toronto, specializing in social media marketing and outreach. He took a turn up in BC’s Caribou Interior as a community journalist, finding the voice that resonates with BC’s resource-based residents. And in 2009 – 2010 he worked for the High Commission of Canada in Australia as a communications expert and speech writer for the High Commissioner, assisting top diplomats with high-priority multinational business deals, such as BHP’s failed bid for Canada’s Potash Corp.

Mr. Devauld moved to Vancouver in early 2011 to establish himself in Canada’s mining sector and apply his vast knowledge to all things precious, petroleum-based and rare. On top of ongoing contract work for the Canadian, Australian and New Zealand business interests in Vancouver, he maintains strong ties in Investor Relations and obsessively follows market news. His natural writing and deep-digging story mentality make him an invaluable member of the team and a lead explorer for our readers.

The Prospecting Journal
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