A Quick Overlook of Operations – Your Cheatsheet

A Quick Overlook of Operations – Your Cheatsheet

What is LTL Trucking?

If you are shipping goods with trucking company, then you will be given with a couple of options for transporting your goods. These options provided to you will be FTL and LTL. Between the two, the latter, which stands for Less Than Truck Load is the more popular option for several reasons.

FTL is the complete opposite of LTL which means Full Truck Load. To be able to fully understand what LTL shipping is, it is integral to learn about FTL first. When you are shipping goods via FTL, this indicates that you will be hiring a courier company to move goods. There will be no other items belonging to other people shipped on the same truck which they will move your items on.

On the other hand, LTL shipping works on a different concept. Here, the delivery company will fill in every square inch of the truck together with shipments belonging to other clients. It is combining shipments from clients who ship in the same direction, even if the goods just have to go in that route for part of the trip. By simply putting shipments that belong to several parties in a single load, it provides several benefits to customers who patronize such service.

The cost is one of the most notable benefits that come with LTL shipping, which is also the most loved by patrons. Because with Less Than Truck Load the cost is shared by everyone who uses the shipping service, it helps those to save significant sum of money. When you are shipping with a Full Truck Load however, you are the only one responsible to pay for all aspects of that shipment. With LTL, this is shared among other clients who use the service. There are cases to which FTL shipping might be an option when LTL shipping is not possible. But more often than not, LTL shipping is the most preferred option by clients.

There are so many people who recommend to use LTL shipping if for example the item’s weight range between 100lbs. to 10,000lbs. But you may need to select the FTL option if for example that the shipment has gone beyond the allotted figure. In the upper end of LTL though, the companies will provide you such option. The benefit of FTL shipping however is, it has shorter ship times since it caters to only one client. Of course, you have to understand as well that there are some drawbacks for this option like the fact that it will be only you who have to shoulder all costs that are associated with the shipping and even end up paying empty spaces in the truck.

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