3 Lessons Learned: Options

3 Lessons Learned: Options

Tips for Talking to Young Students About Lockdown Drills

One thing that you should know is that nowadays lockdown drills are conventional in many schools just like the fire drills. But with an increasing trend of a school shooting, it is essential for students and the teachers to prepare for the worst. You find that the older students understand the dangers and the purposes of the lockdown drills, but young students do not. But the big question is how you are going to explain the purpose of lockdown drills to the young students without instilling fear in them. By the time we will be finishing our discussion, you will be in a position to discover more tips on how you can help young students learn the importance of lockdown drills.

To start with you should remain calm. One of the worst mistakes that you should not make when discussing lockdown drills is to be frightened as this will instil fear in young students. It is essential to note that when young students see you calm when discussing lockdown drills, they will also remain calm. It is recommended that you focus on how the process is being done rather than talking about why it is done. One thing that you will have to do is to tell them where to sit, what will be said over the loudspeaker and how they will know that the drill is over.

Apart from that, you should also be ready for questions. It is essential to note that young students always have a lot of questions to ask especially when you are talking to them about a new thing. In this case, you should be prepared with simple and direct answers that can help them understand what you are talking about. Besides, you should also practice giving answers that provide enough information without creating the need for further questioning. But the most important thing is to stick to the lockdown procedure and why it is necessary.

Apart from that, you should let the students get involved. Honestly, there is nothing that students enjoy most like providing a helping hand. In this case, it will be wise that when you are performing the lockdown drill, you give some students some task to do. One good thing with involving the students in their safety is that it will make them develop a sense of control and responsibility.

Besides, you should also discuss threats. It is essential to note that you can explain the need of lockdown drills without mentioning the word gun or shoot. For instance, you can explain to them that you are the adult and it is your responsibility to keep them safe because adults can see things that students cannot see. Like putting them in lockdown is a way of keeping them safe.

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